Welcome to Could Be Denver!

Welcome to Could Be Denver.  Throughout this blog we look at projects, plans, and proposals that could change our great city for the better….or in some cases, for the worse. Throughout Denver’s history there have been many different projects and plans which would have made Denver a drastically city than what it is today, and given our city’s growth, there are now more ideas than ever to move this city forward.  From bike networks to skyscrapers, freeways to parks, Denver is forever evolving.  Many of these proposals are exciting ideas which will help continue to make Denver a wonderful place lo live, work, and play.  Other ideas are full of controversy. Couldbedenver.com looks into all of them. Enjoy the reading, and leave us your thoughts in the comments.  If you have a project you think we should cover, send us an email a Editor@couldbedenver.com.