Could Target be coming to downtown Denver?

UPDATE: Denver City Council has approved a $4 Million tax package to help draw Target into the downtown area.  More information available here.

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Target, after years of rumors, may finally be coming to downtown Denver.  When Denver’s 16th Street Mall first opened in 1982, it had no less than half a dozen department stores along the 14 block mall, but over the year they all closed.   JC Penneys closed their store before them mall even opened, saying that they would rather stay in the suburbs than the cities.  The last department store, Stage, shuttered in 2001.  Since then, Denver’s 16th Street Mall continues to attract visitors but has developed a somewhat seedy reputation with the locals.  Exciting news came this week, however, when Target publicly announced they were scouting locations for the first downtown department store in over 15 years.


According to the Denver Post and Denver City Council documents, Target is looking at a number of locations, including a site in the California Mall Building at 16th and California.  The proposed store would be less than 30,000 square feet, meaning a smaller Target than the one’s located out in the suburbs, and it would occupy the second and third floors of the building.  The space has been empty since a food court which occupied the floors was closed in 2006.  The smaller Target fits in with the company’s plans to open new “flexible format stores” which all have a smaller footprint.

Target hasn’t released many details about the plan, other than to say they are actively looking for space in the Downtown area.  If this proposed location works out, it would be within four blocks of the Uptown and Capitol Hill neighborhoods, providing close access to shopping for residents of both neighborhoods.

Let us know how you feel about this proposal, or if you even want Target to open a downtown location.

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