Donald Trump’s bid to redevelop Denver Union Station

Donald Trump could have been the proud owner of Denver’s historic Union Station.  According to articles from The Denver Post and Westword, Donald Trump was one of the 11 bids submitted in 2005 to the redevelopment team in charge of the Denver Union Station Project.  Trump and his team submitted their proposal shortly before the required deadline.  While this was surprising given Trump’s national fame, a number of local developers did toss their hat into the ring.

No renderings or details are available of Trump’s Union Station proposal.  This isn’t because I couldn’t find any to post; no one ever had any details.  Trump’s proposal for the entire Denver Union Station redevelopment was only six paragraphs long, and Trump never came to Denver to tour the site.  His proposal was one of the first two to be eliminated after his team’s proposal failed to meet the mandatory qualifications for redevelopers.

After failing to move forward in the Union Station redevelopment project, Trump and his team announced plans for a “60 or so floor hotel and condominium tower” at 18th and Sherman Streets (rendering shown above).  That’s right, the Uptown neighborhood could have been home to Trump Tower Denver, the tallest building in Colorado.  The proposal listed the building height at 715 feet, one foot higher than Republic Plaza, currently the tallest building in Denver.  Before you jump to any conclusion about motives, Denver’s current height requirements limit structures to 650 feet and allow an additional 65 feet for antennas, which sets the height limit at 715 feet. The project was to incorporate the historic El Jebel Building, now known as the Sherman Street Events Center, into the design.

This project made it further than the Denver Union Station proposal.  Trump and his team actually had several properties on the block under contract, but the economic collapse in 2008 brought a swift end to the project.  Had Trump seen his plan to fruition, Denver’s iconic skyline may have looked something like the photo below.

Denver may still see a Trump Hotel be built in the Mile High City.  Take a look at our next post which has the information about the January 2017 announcement about Denver and the Trump team.

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Denver’s Skyline with the 2006 proposed Trump Tower. Photo Credit:
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