Trump still has hotel plans for Denver

In our last post (available here), we told you about Trump’s plans for Denver Union Station and a subsequent hotel and condo tower when Union Station didn’t pan out.  As reported by The Denver Post last month, Trump’s team doesn’t seem to be done with Denver.  In January Trump and his team announced the were considering expanding their property empire. Currently, Trump’s team is looking at Dallas, Seattle, San Francisco, and Denver. This early in the process there are no renderings or even potential locations available.

Trump is not directly involved in this process, as since he is president, his family is presiding over his business empire.  A spokesperson for their company stated that while they are only in five of the major U.S. markets (New York, Chicago, Washington, Las Vegas, and Miami), they don’t see any reasons they couldn’t eventually open properties in all of them, which means a Trump hotel and Condo tower in Denver wouldn’t be anything special.

Even if Trump’s company doesn’t open a Trump Hotel here in Denver, we could still see his empire expanding to the Mile High City.  Later this year Trump Hotels will open their first Scion Hotel later this year.  This hotel chain will provide cheaper less luxurious accommodations to travelers throughout the United States, but they haven’t announced where any of the locations will be.  Their target is secondary cities and they already have nine locations planned.

Would you consider living in a Trump condo tower in Denver…….if you could afford it?