The Nine (Now 11) Skyscrapers Over 300 Feet That Are Planned, Proposed, or Under Construction in Downtown Denver

UPDATE (10 and 11):

Photo Credit: The Denver Channel

A Miami-based developer just announced plans to construct a MASSIVE condo project at 19th and Arapahoe which will take up the Southren half of the block which is currently a parking lot.  The condo proposal will feature a staggering 800 units in two 40 floor towers.  This project is in the very early stages and has not yet been approved by the city of Denver.  The developer is aiming to have this project completed in 2019.

Denver has been experiencing a building boom for several years and as a result, the city is building upwards.  Demand for office and housing space is so great that the number of planned and proposed skyscrapers is higher than it has been any time since the 1980s when the Wells Fargo Building and Republic Plaza were constructed.  Some of Denver’s current tallest buildings were completed relatively recently, such as The Spire and The Four Seasons Hotel.  If every current proposal comes to fruition, Denver will have a drastically different skyline.  Here are the nine tallest proposed, planned, and already-under-construction skyscrapers that are bringing change to Denver.


1: 1776 Curtis and 999 17th


Height: 315 Feet

Floors: 28

Type: Office/Residential

Location: 1776 Curtis Street and 999 17th Street

Status: Under Construction

This project combines an office tower and a residential high rise into one block and is scheduled to open in Early 2018.  Located in the middle of Denver’s Central Business District, the project will add 359 luxury apartment units to the Mile High city.  The structure will offer the usual amenities such as community rooms, games rooms, and business centers, and it will also have ground floor retail and a yoga studio in the building.


2 and 3: Country Club Towers and Gardens No. 1 and 2


Country Club Towers 2.jpg

Height: 322 Feet

Floors: 31

Type: Residential

Status: Under Construction

Location: 1001 East Bayaud Avenue

The only project on this list not located in Downtown, the Country Club Towers are currently being constructed in what is technically the Speer neighborhood but is being advertised as the Country Club neighborhood.  After all, they will overlook Denver’s Country Club and offer stunning views of the entire city.  The project will add 558 apartments to the area, and given the lack of nearby public transportation options, there will also be just over 1000 parking spaces.  This project was not without controversy, as residents in the area weren’t thrilled about having two residential towers go up.  The deal was approved in the early 2000s, and the developer is incorporating the current Denver Country Club Gardens into the structure as shown in the second picture above. The project is expected to be completed in 2018.


4: The Confluence

11043 Confluence cam006 36x48 (PRINT)

Height: 375 Feet

Floors: 35

Type: Residential

Status: Under Construction

Location: 2250 15th Street

The Confluence was originally planned as a much shorter structure in the mid 2000s, but the economic crisis of 2008 put the project on the back burner. Over the last few years, the project was slowly revised and floors were added each time.  The building will enjoy a stellar location on the confluence of The Cherry Creek and the Platte River.  Given its proximity to Union Station, all of Denver’s stadiums, and the rest of downtown, its 287 units could be a nice addition to the neighborhood.

5: Two Tabor Center


Floors: 43

Type: Office

Status: Proposed

Location: 1200 17th Street

When the Tabor Center was first built in the early 1980s, there were plans to construct a second building on the same site.  The economic conditions of the 1980s stopped the erection of the second tower.  Plans came back out in the early 2000s, and the economic crisis of 2008 again delayed the project.  Now there is talk of moving forward.  The project would add over 600,000 square feet of office space to downtown Denver if it were constructed, but as of now there is no timeline for groundbreaking or completion.

6 and 7: Block 162 Office Tower and Hotel


Floors: 32

Type: Office

Status: Proposed

Location: 15th and California Streets

Denver may soon get another hotel downtown, and the same project will also be home to over 600,000 feet of office space in a second tower should the project be completed as currently proposed.  The office tower is the structure in the foreground of the above rendering and would feature an outdoor space on the 12th floor.  Block 162 takes its name from the original plotting of the city of Denver in the 1800s when Denver assigned a number to each city block, and the block between 15th, 16th, California, and Welton Streets was designated as block 162.  The site is located only a block away from The Denver Convention Center, so the hotel would probably fill quickly and stay full once constructed.  Like the previous project, no timeline for construction has been announced yet.


8: 1501 Tremont Street


Floors: 34

Type: Office

Status: Proposed

Location: 1501 Tremont Place

While it is not the tallest project proposal on the list, if constructed as planned 1501 Tremont will add 730,000 square feet of office space to downtown Denver, which is the most of any project on this list.  No timeline has been released for this project yet. Brookfield, the Canadian-based developer in charge of the project, has been marketing it for several years and will commence construction of the proposed structure once enough commitments are in place.  Brookfield is the same corporation that developed Republic Plaza, the tallest building in Colorado.


9: 1144 15th Street



Height: 603 Feet

Floors: 40

Type: Office

Status: Under Construction

Location: Uh, 1144 15th Street.

1144 15th Street is by far the tallest project under construction in Denver.  The building will include ground floor retail, 11 parking levels, and 27 floors of office space, including balconies on the 14th and 40th floors.  This will add over 500,000 square feet of office space to the city.  Upon completion, this will become the fifth tallest building in Denver, 30 feet shy of the Four Seasons Hotel.  The project is expected to open in early 2018.