RTD Will Be Adding Two New Stops To the B Line

RTD has proposed a service change for the B commuter rail line.  The B Line opened in late October 2016, but currently only provides direct service from Union Station to Westminster at the 71st and Lowell Station.  Plans eventually call for the line to be extended to Boulder and Longmont.


Looking at RTD’s system map above, one oddity appears.  The B line passes through two stations which have already been completed but only have service on the G Line to Arvada. The G line is also finished but the Federal Railroad Administration won’t permit it to open until RTD can fix the problem with the crossing gates on the A and B lines.  The G line has the same issue.  In the meantime, two completed stations, 41st and Fox and Pecos Junction, sit empty but ready for riders.

RTD is proposing a system change which would have the B line making stops at these stations beginning on May 21st. This would only add four minutes to the trip.  Trains from Union Station to Westminster would leave 12 minutes earlier. RTD also plans to add a later departure from Union Station to accommodate late night revelers, but given this additional train would leave Union Station at 11:09, don’t plan on closing the bars down without calling a Lyft.